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Cutters and Tornados Trilogy comes to a controversial ending

September 12, 2019


All of the best movie series seem to have three parts and an exciting end to their trilogy. Just look at Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Godfather for reference. The Indian Cutters and the Indianapolis Tornados followed this pattern and played for the third time this season.This game went well beyond the scoreboard that read Cutters 18 Tornados 11 on Saturday, August 24th in Martinsville. 

   In a game that seemed to feature a reenergized Indiana Cutters team taking the field showed from opening kickoff until the final whistle. 

Both sides of the ball were firing on all cylinders with the defense getting a pick six from Ryan Thompson. This sparked the defense all game long and the defensive line for the Cutters continued the attack up front and were able to get to the Tornados’ quarterback all day long. 

Chaz Norton had himself quite a day with a rushing TD and a throwing TD to Ant Anchrum.

The Cutters’ offensive barrage was able to hold up their lead against the Tornados comeback in the second half when the Tornados scored nine unanswered points in the 2nd half along with a second half shutout by the Tornados.

The Cutters held on to the victory but the celebrations didn’t last long. It was cut short by their disqualification for letting new member of the team, Ant Anchrum, play in the football game. The league ruled that Ancrum was a member of another semi-pro team and could not join the Cutters. This violated the bylaws of the league. The Cutters appealed the ruling and ultimately lost the appeal process after one of the strangest weeks in Cutters’ history. 


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