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Momentum is Building

February 25, 2019


Thursday February 21st was a great night for your Cutters. The night was full of great energy and urgency. The excitement for the season is definitely growing. As the preseason rolls on, more and more Cutter Veterans are making their way to the team. 


15 Veterans are now signed onto the 2019 squad. They accompany 22 Rookies that have inked their 2019 BGFL Contract. 


Notable veterans include previous All Stars Nick Land, Chaz Norton, Kyle Franklin, Gary Whelpdale, Seth Mackin, Josh Barcus, DJ Stephens, and Dre Key. 


Young talent that looks to help supplement the roster includes Blair Boruff, Tyrell Williams, Spencer Maxwell, Johnny Bowen, Tiondre Hopkins, Thomas Smith, and Zack Harrison. All players with local High School ties, eager to continue their football careers. 


2019 looks to bring a lot of competition thru Martinsville, IN. The challenge won't be easy, but that is why we love it. Our squad will continue to form as we prepare to face whatever is thrown at us. We meet again for our 3rd preseason workout on March 7th!






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